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The Accu-SPINA® system is recognized as simply the best non-surgical physiotherapeutic treatment system for back pain in the world. The Accu-SPINA offers features that no other spinal-treatment device can truthfully match, and it bears multiple patents and patents pending. Intrinsically medical and scientific in design, this system is the medical doctor's non-invasive treatment of choice. Clinical studies have shown the treatment success of this device on surgical candidates has reached as high as 92%. (U.S. Musculoskeletal Review)

WARNING: Do NOT purchase used Accu-SPINA® devices from vendors other than NAM. Our current operating software runs on Windows 7 but is incompatible with earlier platforms. We will not support machines running on systems such as Windows XP. With unauthorized vendors, you also run the risk of faulty parts and uncertified training.

You can now purchase used and re-certified Accu-SPINA® devices, complete with the newest software running on Windows 7, direct from the factory with an IDD Therapy® treatment license.