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Being in a fast-paced industry such as the medical industry, we continuously have new news to share. Keep up to date with us by reading our company news, press releases, and notices.


Press Releases

  1. Premier IDD Therapy® Treatment Clinics to Open in Dubai, UAE

  2. Accu-SPINA® System Enters the Chinese Market

  3. North American Medical Campaigns to Stop Decompression Fraud

  4. North American Medical Scores Another Decisive Victory Against Axiom Worldwide

  5. New Back-Pain Therapy Alleviates Pain in 96% of Surgical Candidates

  6. Federal Court Bars Axiom Worldwide From False Marketing, NASA Claims

  7. North American Medical Corporation launches revolutionary dual touch-screen hand-carried ultrasound system

  8. North American Medical Corporation Receives Coveted CE Mark

  9. Accu-SPINA® Displayed in International Museum of Surgical Science

  10. North American Medical Corporation Announces U.S. Patent for Cervical Distraction Device

  11. North American Medical Receives Coveted UL Certification

  12. North American Medical Corporation announces the appointment of scientific advisory board chairman, Dr. Norman Shealy. To read more about Dr. Shealy, click HERE.

  13. In the Face of Record Sales, NAM Takes Action Against Unfair And Unethical Competitor Tactics


  1. Basic IDD Therapy Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities

  2. True Medical Advances Always Face Initial Opposition

  3. Current Therapeutic Options for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Focus on Nonsurgical Approaches

  4. If you are considering purchasing a used North American Medical Corporation medical device, READ THIS FIRST

  5. Important Notice for Doctors Who Own the Spina System

  6. Expanding Accu-SPINA with Sinusoidal Calculations